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Open Water Course at Lac Lavon

  • Bring your current medical form to the shop (if you haven't done so already)

  • Bring your referral form if you are being referred by another instructor or shop.

  • You should have your own Mask, Snorkel, and Fins. Bring those!

  • If you need dive gear, arrive at the shop 30 minutes early (0r more) to get fitted and to get the gear you need loaded into your car.

    • Make sure you have room in your car for your Tank, BCD, Fins, and Wetsuit. You'll be transporting these yourself. Remember, these will be a little wet (or a lot wet) after the diving. 

  • Payment options if you still need to pay

    • When diving at Lac lavon, you will arrive in the parking lot, and the dive site is down a slight grade (20 degrees) about 75 yards from the parking lot. You will need to walk back up this after the dive.

  • Your dive log book or your PADI app so we can log your dives.

  • A good attitude, and enthusiasm!​​​


What to expect

SCUBA training may seem daunting at first. But remember, I am here to help YOU get comfortable, and master the skills you need to get certified. 


Number of Dives

We will be doing 3 dives on day one, and 3 dives on day two.

You may be thinking: "But Dive Buddy Benny... certification is only 4 dives!, what gives?!"

Most shops, and instructors want to get you in the water, and out of the water, and just simply get you certified. That's not how I roll. 

I not only want you meet the standards of training, I want you to feel like you are prepared to dive, and have fun doing so.

To do that, I will maximize our time underwater to achieve mastery over the skills you learn, especially the ones that you will use MOST often on any given dive. (Like Buoyancy!)

  • Day 1

    • Dive 1: Open Water Skills​

    • Dive 2: Open Water Skills

    • Dive 3:​​ ​Mastery Dive

  • Day 2: ​​

    • Dive 1: Open Water Skills​

    • Dive 2: Mastery Dive

    • Dive 3: Open Water Skills​

Ultimate Goal


The goal for me is to have you floating through the water column like a mystical water human in a world of wonder, comfortably and confidently.


Lac Lavon Dive site - Apple Valley


If you have any questions or feedback, shoot me a text. I rarely am able to answer phone calls, so please shoot a text. We can schedule a call or meetup if need be!

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